In Memory Of Earth

This installation speaks to a deep concern for our environment and planet. I have created an installation which hinges on the concept of an archeological find (like finding King Tut’s tomb), then bringing the elements of that tomb to a museum for people to view. If someone were to find a tomb dedicated to the planet what would they find? That is what is being contemplated.

In Memory of Earth was inspired by an interest in archeology, nature, and ancient and native cultures. I viewed the King Tut exhibit in Chicago many years ago and was intrigued by the guardian figures that watched over the internal organs of the boy king. The word “guardian” refers to someone that watches over and protects – is gentle – yet strong.

Eight animal-like guardian figures have been created, which stand at the four entrances to a circle. Between the guardians are sixteen small boxes speaking to various areas of nature and native and ancient cultures. There is one box in the center of the circle with a hoop around it, both are covered in gold leaf. It is up to the viewer to decide what this closed box contains.

Nathan Edwards and I collaborated on sound design, which includes sounds from nature, and subtle sounds of the guardians themselves.


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