The Tiramisu Diaries

The Tiramisu Diaries are made up of 20 handmade books measuring 18″h x 4″w. When opened and laying flat they measure approximately 8.5″w. The books are made with handmade paper pages and hand bond in the codex method. The pages have horizontal wavy lines and circles with some areas of paint filling some of the spaces. Diary entries from the times I’ve eaten tiramisu flow along some of the lines as well. The books hang on the wall in a horizontal line with pages fanning out. Pages are held open with ribbons dyed in coffee and cascading onto the floor in piles. Paper map beads strung on the ribbons help to hold the pages open.

I have been doing research for this project for nearly twenty years. I have been amazed at the variety in taste and presentation of tiramisu. The project is a sculptural piece upon first encounter, but is ultimately about friendships, and the joy of being together.


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